Diliper table grapes are characterized by large clusters of delicious fleshy berries of golden-green color. It was most often bred on the slopes in front of old Mljet houses, and its lifespan often exceeded the average human lifespan.

This is the third new autochthonous variety discovered thanks to the cooperation established between the Mljet National Park and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb 4 years ago.
Preservation of traditional agriculture as well as traditional values ​​in general is important for our area, so the National Park subsidizes the cultivation of olives and vines.

As an incentive for protection and development, for diliper and other two indigenous grape varieties, Mrkuša and Kuljenača, the Public Institution Mljet National Park pays farmers three times the amount of subsidy per vine, compared to the usual grape varieties that it subsidizes.
In 2021, more than HRK 100,000 in financial support was paid, and this amount is growing from year to year, which is a good news because it means that there is a positive trend in the restoration of once neglected agricultural land.