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DEŠA – Dubrovnik and Dubrovačka naranča associations, in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – County Chamber of Dubrovnik, have organized the 9th Croatian festival of jams and marmalades this year. The festival took place in Dubrovnik from 25th to 27th of September.

Small producers from all over Croatia, dressed in traditional costumes of their region, have presented quality local delicacies to the visitors of the festival. The festival included best jam, extra jam and marmalade contests, and the organizers received 58 samples of fruit products from the entire country. OPG Sanja Protic won a bronze and a silver medal in the category of extra jam for their fig and bitter orange extra jams respectively.

We are happy to congratulate OPG Sanja Protic for the received prizes and extremely proud to offer the complete selection of their products in our souvenir shops. Such initiatives represent our efforts to support small producers from the region who are able to offer authentic, premium quality products.