Where is Mljet National Park located?

Mljet National Park is located in the northwest part of the Mljet Island, the southernmost island of the Dalmatian coast. It is 15 nautical miles (NM) away from Dubrovnik and 12 NM away from Korčula.

What are the working hours of the Park?

Mljet National Park opens for visitors on weekends in March and the season lasts until the end of October. During the winter months, NP Mljet is closed. For more information please check the announcements on our official website!

How can I get to St. Mary islet?

You can reach the St. Mary islet by our Park boat which departs every hour from Mali most and Pristanište. You can also reach the islet by canoe or kayak available for rent Mali most.

Can I take a ship into the Lakes?

Vessels are strictly forbidden to enter the Soline channel, Veliko and Malo jezero, except for vessels owned by the residents of the area.

Walking paths?

There is a great number of walking paths in the National Park. For your own safety, we recommend that you move only on strictly marked walking pathways.

Cycling paths?

There are asphalt and gravel cycling paths of different characteristics and levels in the National Park.

Recreational facilities?

There are walking and cycling paths in the National Park. Canoes, kayaks and bikes are available for rent at Mali most. There is a diving club at Pomena, and near the hotel you can rent cars, motorcycles and surfboards as well as bikes. There is a path ideal for running around the Veliko and Malo jezero.

Campfires in the open?

Starting campfires in the open is strictly prohibited both inside and outside of the National Park. The lack of rain during the summer months which lasts 2 to 3 months increases the risk of fire so the Mljet National Park Institution also adapts to it by introducing 24-hour fire watch shifts from May to October.

Average Lake temperature?

The temperature of Malo jezero in the summer is from 26 to 29 °C (sometimes reaching even 31°C), and in winter it can occasionally drop below 5°C. The temperature of the Veliko jezero ranges from 24 to 26°C (with a 30°C maximum).

Are there any beaches?

There are pebble beaches in the National Park at Mali most and Polače. The other beaches in the National Park are rocky. The beach at Mali most is best suited for families with small children.

Rental bikes?

Bikes can be rented at three locations in the National Park, namely: at Pomena, Malo jezero and Vrbovica near Veliko jezero. Canoes and kayaks can also be rented at Malo jezero, and cars and scooters can be rented at Pomena.

Outpatient clinic?

There are two general medical practice outpatient clinic on the island of Mljet, one in Goveđari within the National Park and the other in Babino Polje. During tourist season, due to a large number of visitors, we also have a third physician. There is a dental practice within the Goveđari outpatient clinic and there is a pharmacy in Babino Polje.