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As part of the Integration project in Natura 2000 and motivated by many requests for volunteering in Croatian parks, Ministry of enviromental and nature protection has started making different programs of volunteering in 3 parks, but very soon the project was extended to all 19 parks. There are more than 30 programs right now and you can find all the information you need to know on following link http://volonteri.parkovihrvatske.hr/en/. Page was symbolically launched on International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated annually on December 5. Main goal of declaring Volunteer day is to make visible all activities of volunteer on local, national and international level.


In Mljet National Park you can choose from 3 different programs:

  1. Builder of hiking trails http://volonteri.parkovihrvatske.hr/en/volunteer/builder-of-mountain-trails/
  2. Cleaner of coves http://volonteri.parkovihrvatske.hr/en/volunteer/cleaner-of-the-mljet-coves/ 
  3. Opinion seeker http://volonteri.parkovihrvatske.hr/en/volunteer/mljet-opinion-seeker/


Apply and become a volunteer of Mljet National Park!