Dear visitors, Mljet National Park opens its doors on March 26, 2021!

Enjoy the natural and cultural values of NP Mljet with promotional ticket prices of HRK 50.00 for adults and HRK 30.00 for children and students. By purchasing a ticket through the webshop, visitors receive an additional discount on tickets so the price is HRK 40.00 for adults and HRK 20.00 for children. Admission for children under 7 is still free. Promotional prices for visiting Mljet National Park are valid for the period from March 26 to April 5, 2021.

The ticket also includes a boat ride and a visit to the island of St. Mary in the heart of the Great Lake.

You can visit Mljet National Park every day from 08:00 to 15:00, and you can buy tickets on the webshop or at the ticket offices in Pomena or on the Great Lake.

Mljet National Park offers many opportunities to enjoy nature, and in it every visitor has a corner just for themselves. In times when it is necessary to maintain physical distance, get closer to nature and explore numerous hiking, walking and cycling trails of the Mljet National Park, sail on the Great Lake and breathe clean air surrounded by untouched nature.

Please, in order to preserve your health, as well as the health of the employees of the National Park:

  • bring a face mask that needs to be worn at the Mljet National Park sales points, in contact with NP employees, as well as when using boats to tour the lake and the island of St. Mary
  • disinfect your hands regularly
  • take into account the physical distance when touring the Park, and when waiting to board the boat and buy a ticket and in accordance with the markings.

We look forward to your arrival and we stay at your disposal for any additional information on phone +385 20 744041 and e-mail