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Mljet National Park invites you to the presentation “Mljet Lakes – the unique geochemical system in the Mediterranean” by the author Prof. Ivan Sondi, PhD, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering

Presentation will be held on Saturday, August 25th at 8 pm at the “Stara skula” Gallery in the Goveđari Village.

The purpose of this lecture is to describe unique sedimentological and geochemical characteristics of recent aragonite-rich sediments from the karstic marine lakes (Malo and Veliko Jezero) located in the pristine environment on the island of Mljet. Coastal shallow-water marine carbonate settings of the Mljet Lakes represent a specific environment where geochemical processes depend on the recent carbonate sedimentology, primarily the authigenic formation and deposition of carbonate mineral phases. Mljet Lakes was found to be the distinctive site of the authigenic formation of recent fine-grained aragonite sediments in the world. This lecture endeavors to provide new evidence on the origin of aragonite in such a small, temperate and semi-enclosed Mediterranean environment while the geochemical cycle of trace elements through environmental changes over the last 100 years will be discussed. In addition, visitors will also be acquainted with the fascinating biological and inorganic nanostructures that appear in the Mljet Lakes. This lecture is based on research which has been suported by the Mljet National Park and by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project NanoMin (Grant No. 2504).