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On the occasion of the International Bat Night the Mljet National Park invites you to the presentation “The Bats of the island of Mljet” by Osvin Pečar, mag. biol., senior biologist-ecologist expert at the Mljet NP and one of bats explorers on the island of Mljet during 2008-2009, as part of the cooperation of the Mljet NP with the Association for Bat Conservation Tragus from Zagreb.

Presentation will be held on Friday, September 7, starting at 7 pm at the “Stara skula” Gallery in the Goveđari Village.


Up to now, 11 bat species have been recorded on the island of Mljet. Common Bentwing Bat (Miniopterus schreibersii) is endangered (EN) and all bats are strictly protected in the Republic of Croatia. Along with the legal provisions, a significant role in the protection of bats in some areas is education of the public about the useful role of bats in the ecosystem and the benefits that bring us coexistence with them.



Photo: Tragus (Mirna Mazija (MM), Igor Boršić (IB))