The price list of the Mljet National Park for 2024 was established by the Governing Council on September 7th 2023.

Entrance fee for all visitors include:

  • One return boat ticket to Island of St. Mary
  • Visit to all inland Park sites
  • Hiking along marked walking trails around the Great and the Small Lake, the forest trail from the Small Lake to Pomena, from Vrbovica to Polače and to the Montokuc and Veliki gradac lookouts
  • Parking space for personal vehicles is available on Vrbovica for single-day visitors and guests staying in private accommodation in the area around the Lakes where car parks are not provided
  • Insurance for each visitor
  • Transport by electric train according to the timetable

Entrance is free for disabled veterans of the Homeland war and members of the Families of Fallen Soldiers Association upon presentation of membership card.

People with disabilities have a discount of 50% on tickets. Discount is possible only upon presentation of a valid ID.

Members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service have free entry to the Mljet NPP, showing a valid membership ID card, registering their stay at the Mljet NP, giving their telephone contact, and responding to a call for help and participating in a rescue operation, regardless of the reason of their stay in the area of NP Mljet.

The price for the additional return boat ticket of 5 Euros applies on additional service of transportation by the boat for St. Mary islet and it can be bought again after the one included in the entrance fee is used.

Entrance ticket for students is possible to purchase only upon presentation of student ID.

Agency that has signed contract with Mljet National Park will be granted discount at the end of the year by giving credit note. Discount of 3% will be given to the agencies that bring more than 500 visitors in Mljet National Park, discount of 6% will be given to the agencies that bring more than 1000 visitors in Mljet National Park, discount of 9% will be given to the agencies that bring more than 1500 visitors in Mljet National Park, discount of 12% will be given to the agencies that bring more than 2000 visitors in Mljet National Park, discount of 15% will be given to the agencies that bring more than 2500 visitors in Mljet National Park.

Entrance tickets for guests that are staying in private/hotel accommodation is valid up to 7 days and it is issued on the name of the guest and it is valid upon presentation of ID. While purchasing this kind of ticket, visitors are obligated to show ID and give information such as address of the apartment and duration of their stay.

The group is considered a group of people from 10 to 35 people; it is necessary to announce the arrival of the groups to e mail of the Department for tourism and marketing to prevent delay for the boats to St. Mary island.
The cancellation deadline for any kind of service is at least 24h prior to arrival, otherwise the service will be charged in full.

For booking guided tours it is necessary to contact Department of Tourism and Marketing on e mail and get confirmation from the Department.

Mljet National Park is mostly financed through ticket sale, every purchased ticket is a contribution to protection, preservation and improvement of the Mljet National Park. Public Institution ‘Mljet National Park’ reserves the right to change prices and fees.