On Tuesday, January 25, 2022 the second workshop for stakeholders was held in Babino Polje for the purposes of drafting the Natura 2000 Ecological Network Management Plan on the island of Mljet. During the workshop, the stakeholders were introduced to the data collected so far from the first workshop, the proposed vision of protection and they were presented topics and goals. As part of the workshop, proposals for activities with priorities and their implementers were prepared.

The management plan is a strategic document prescribed by the Nature Protection Act, and includes 13 areas of the ecological network and 1 protected area: HR4000010 Saplunara,HR2001277 Slatina near Kozarice, HR2001009 Blatina near Sobra , HR2000944 Blatina near Blato, HR2001008 Blatina near Prožura, HR2001277 HR3000172 Coastline from the bay of Gonoturska to Cape Vratnički, HR3000166 North coast from cape Pusta in the bay Sobra to the cape Stoba near the bay Okuklje with islands and waters, HR3000381 Jama Zaglavica, HR2000091 Movrica cave, HR2000092 Ostaševica cave, HR2000104 Polušpilja near Sobra, HR2000180 Velika špilja , HR2001499 Cave Sv. Spas and the significant landscape of Saplunara. This workshop will cover all areas within the scope of this management plan, except for the area of ​​the Saplunara ecological network HR4000010 and the significant Saplunara landscape. A separate workshop will be organized for this area due to its complexity, the intensity of the threats present and the need to involve as many representatives of the local population as possible.

The development of the Management Plan is carried out within the national project “Development of the framework for the management of the Natura 2000 ecological network” funded by the European Cohesion Fund through the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion, implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.