On March 21, 2022, on the first day of spring, we celebrate World Forest Day. The forest is the reason for declaring the largest number of national parks, nature parks and other nature objects of a lower degree of protection.

Forests throughout history have been crucial to the survival of the human race. They provided protection, a significant portion of food, firewood and food preparation, tools and weapons. Much of the material for all types of housing was provided by the forest. The forest was the main and often the only source of material for vessels.

All these benefits are just a part of what the forest gives us: along with the seas and oceans, the forest is the largest producer of oxygen, it is especially important for air quality, regulation and water quality.

Over 90% of the total land area of ​​the Mljet National Park is covered with forests. This is the largest amount of forest cover recorded on an Adriatic island.

In the area of ​​NP Mljet there is a special reserve of forest vegetation Velika Dolina where we find extremely well-preserved remnants of the original Mediterranean rainforest, which consisted of communities of holm oak and black ash.